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IPL Aauction 2019 Date And Auction Rules

Ipl Auction 2019 – Ipl 2019 Auction Little Bit Different This Time, As You Know IPL 12 auctions is set to see the comeback of the two big teams – Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals So Each franchise can retain Maximum 5 players by a combination of Player Retention  (Pre Player Auction) and Right to Match RTM (during the Player Auction) And This is Just For Fan Connect Going For Example If It Will Not happen Then Just Suppose Dhoni Bought By KKR in this Auction Then Millions Of Chennai Fans will Get Hurt And Stop Watching Ipl For Sure.

Now Let’s Talk About Ipl 12 Auction Rules…

Ipl 2018 Auction Rules

Vivo Ipl 2019 Auction Rules Is Little Bit Different Here You Have A right To Retain Your 5 Players By a Combination Of pre Player Auction And RTM (Right to the first choice) For Better Understanding Look at to This Images

If Franchise Retain 3 playes Then They Get 2 RTMs, If 2 Then 3 RTMs and If Franchise Choose Only One Then They Get 3 RTMs


CSK – If CSK Want 3 Retention Like Dhoni, Raina, B McCullum Then They Get Only 2 Players For RTMs Right to the first choice

Now Let’s Look at How Will Retention And RTM CArds Works?

In addition to this, in the event the franchise retains three players, they might need to pay INR 15, 11, and 7 respectively to them. For 2 kept players, they will need to cover INR 12.5 and 8 crore respectively. To get only a single player retained, the franchise is going to need to pay INR 8 crore. For the uncapped players, the teams will only have to pay out INR 3 crore for each player kept.

so it looks very interesting that in this auction how much players franchise retain or just choose their icon Players.

What Is RTMs in Ipl 2019 Auction

Basically, if there is a specific player who played with a Team A in previous season, and can be bought by TEAM B in the auctions, then Team A may use their RTM to receive the player back in their roster by paying the sum of money which Team B was prepared to shell out onto that player. Each team contains 3 RTM cards.

For Example, Suppose  that Raian is not retained by CSK is in the auction pool. Now, state, that KKR buys Suresh Raina at the auctions to get INR 7 crore. Afterward, CSK may use their RTM to get the services back of Suresh Raina by paying INR 7 crore for Raina.

IPl 2019 Auction rules

This time IPL salary cap has been fixed at 80 crores

Previous Year Salary Cap is just 66 Crores  Which Means the budget of the purse money has been extended from 66 Cr to 80 Cr This Year.

IPL 2019 Auctions date

The Mega Auction Will Be Held In Jaipur on 18th December 2019.

Ipl 2019 auction time


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